Position Information

- Published Date: 7/19/2017

- Location: Taipei, Taiwan

- Type: Full-Time

- Function: Engineer


- Design and implement code in Javascript for new feature development and existing feature maintenance

- Design Front-end and Backend architecture

- Produce clean reusable code that conforms to development team standards

- Recommend improvements and identify refactoring opportunities in codebase


- 2+ years demonstrated experience in web development.

- Full-stack engineering experience in JavaScript language with HTML and SASS

- Engineers who have experience in the any of the following fronted frameworks: Reactjs, Altjs/Redux, Jquery, EJS template engine

- Engineers who have experience in the any of the following web bundle libraries: Gulp, Webpack, Bower

- Engineers who have experience in the any of the following server knowledges: AWS/Azure/Heroku

- Engineers who are familiar with Nodejs/MongoDB

- Demonstrate the ability to implement new features in JavaScript

- Demonstrate the ability to diagnose and fix bugs in the JavaScript code base

- Curious, forward-thinking and always seeking innovative solutions

- Engineers who have experience with web best practices such as A/B testing, test coverage.

Compensation & Benefits

- Located in the heart of Taipei

- 3 weeks' annual vacation

- Macbook or equivalent

- Developing product focusing on U.S. market

Position Information

- Published Date: 7/19/2017

- Location: TBD

- Type: Full-Time

- Function: Marketing


- Jobalaya’s Growth Marketerhas one mission and one mission only – to drive growth(duh!),including growth of job seekers, referrers, and customers

- The job requires the following skills: problem structuring, analytics, written and oral communication, creativity, project management, time management,priority setting, and teamwork

- Candidates who fit the following descriptions will succeed and enjoy this work: hustler, self-starter, problem solver, data enthusiast, quick learner, people person,globally-minded person, socially responsible person

- The work scope includes the following: email marketing, content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, customer development, partnership development. Roughly speaking, your time will be split between strategy (~30%) and execution (~70%).Priorities will depend on companyneeds in different stages

- The candidate will set the foundation of Jobalaya’s marketing infrastructure, including process development and team building when it is time to scale


- Developand execute growth-driven salesand marketing strategies, including goal setting, metric development, program development and execution, and evaluation

- Develop marketing plan to detail outdeliverables and expected results; review weekly growth result

- Identify opportunities and proactively initiate new marketing programs that can enable user growth in the target market

- Search for and adopt best-in-class tools to improve productivityin marketing operations

- Actively manage and implement large-scale user acquisition campaigns, focus on growing active users and maximizing ROI

- Efficiently setup and execute lead generation campaigns

- Manage projects to ensure timely execution

- Analyze effectivenessof all user acquisition approaches to inform future marketing strategies and tactics

- Analyze campaign performance to identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to capitalize on these opportunities

- Develop and Implement a feedback loop within target markets to understand user preferences, which will evolve into marketing tactics

- Partnerwith internal teams (i.e. product development, product planning, product growth, operations, finance) to collaboratively drive growth

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