Our Mission

Build a world where recruiting relies on authenticity, not just on salesmanship.

The Jobalaya Story

Jobalaya was founded in 2016 with one realization – today’s recruiting approach only fits the communication style of half of the world’s population. The other half (those who identify themselves as introverts or pseudo-extroverts) have painfully learned to play the extroverted game. Many often fail.

Ellie, Cindy, and Josh believe this problem can be solved by changing how talents are assessed and recruited into workplaces. By taking introvert’s communication preferences into consideration, they are building toward a future where companies can hire talents who fit the bill the most, regardless of where people stand on the introversion-extroversion spectrum.

Jobalaya’s initial product is a recruitment platform where job seekers can get referrals without having to do any networking. If you don’t mind the idea of less small talks, you should check it out!

Work at Jobalaya.

We are always looking for quick learners who love a good challenge and have strong integrity. If that sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you! Send our referrers a request or apply directly. All backgrounds are welcomed!